DOWNEAST Surgery Center - 404 State Street - Bangor, ME 04401 - Phone 207-990-0928

Wonderful place I felt safe for my family member. Lincoln, ME


Welcome to DOWNEAST Surgery Center (DESC) an outpatient surgery center conveniently located in Bangor, Maine, a community best known for its small-town charm and special quality of life.

DESC is owned and operated by local physicians who are committed to the delivery of state of the art care to our residents and to the surrounding communities.

Our highly specialized, fellowship trained, board certified physicians are experienced in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment options available.

Specialty surgical procedures performed at DOWNEAST Surgery Center include orthopedic and plastic. 

At DESC you will be treated with respect, consideration and dignity. You will enjoy surgical care using the latest advances in technology in a friendly, comfortable, caring environment through a highly-skilled, friendly and compassionate staff. We are confident that you will have the very best surgical experience possible.

We appreciate you visiting our website and welcome any suggestions, comments or questions. Our business office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you, a family member or friend, need to find a physician for a specific specialty, please visit our provider page.

You have a choice for your surgical care.

Low Infection Rates and reasonable pricing.

We are committed to being your healthcare provider.

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Meet the Staff

Our staff is the heart of the Surgery Center. They are skilled, dedicated professionals who love their work and sincerely care for your comfort and well being. They will treat you like family.

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