Pre-Op Forms

Once you are scheduled for surgery at Downeast Surgery Center, we will be sending you a copy of the following documents prior to your visit. Learn more about each form below.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Advance Directives

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Complaint or Grievance Policy

State Law on Advance Directives


We will review the above policies and laws with you at your pre-admission testing visit. We will ask you to sign and date the forms then they will be placed in your chart, ready for your upcoming surgery.

If you do not come to the facility for your pre-admission testing, you will be contacted by telephone. The above policies and laws will be mailed to you and reviewed with you over the telephone. After you have had a chance to review these policies and laws, please sign and date (where highlighted in yellow) the Bill of Rights, Advance Directives, and the Patient Complaint or Grievance Policy and return them in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

If you have Advance Directives, please bring a copy of them with you to your pre-admission testing appointment or on your day of surgery, if pre-admission testing was done over the telephone.

If you have any questions that we did not answer for you during your pre-admission testing visit or during your pre-admission telephone call, please feel free to contact us at (207) 433-7039 or (207) 990-0881.